USDA Trip – Processing Plants

The second part of our FAS/USDA trip consisted f visiting processing plants. Here’s the Facebook post I wrote for the Embassy page that sums up our time there.

“On July 20 and 21, staff from the U.S. Embassy’s USDA Foreign Agricultural Service toured several Thai dairy and poultry processing facilities.  Chaoren Pokphand (CP), Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (DFPO), and CP-Meiji Milk Museum and Processing Plant gave presentations on their facilities, hygiene standards and certifications, and their supply chain processes.  Thailand’s demand for processed dairy products has substantially grown over the past couple of years due to increased consumption of products such as cheese, ice cream, and milk which have created new opportunities for both Thai and U.S. companies.  In recent years, these modern plants have increasingly focused on how they can add value to their products in order to tap into the emerging middle class in both Thailand and other ASEAN countries.  U.S. business is key component to this story by providing processing equipment, superior animal genetics, quality feed ingredients, along with world-class technical assistance.”


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