Intern Reception at Ambassador’s Residence

I just got back from a lovely reception that the Ambassador and his wife hosted for all the Thai (32) and American (7) interns at his Residence, the CMR. I was the official photographer for the event and documented interns and their supervisors enjoying themselves in the residence, eating food and taking photos.

Here’s a Facebook post I wrote for the Embassy’s public page that sums up the evening:

“On July 25, U.S. Ambassador Glyn Davies and Mrs. Davies hosted a reception at the Chief of Mission Residence to honor the 39 interns – 32 Thai and 7 American – who worked in various agencies and sections across the U.S. Embassy this summer. The Ambassador acknowledged the interns’ hard work and recognized the valuable support they provided to their supervisors and the larger Embassy goals. Deputy Chief of Mission Peter Haymond and Mrs. Haymond as well as interns’ colleagues and supervisors also attended the event to congratulate the interns. Some 80 guests enjoyed an evening of hors d’oeuvres and photos, including selfies with the Ambassador, in the residence which celebrates this year its 70th anniversary of serving U.S. ambassadors.”



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